Alex Sieben
Mental Health Therapist

I acknowledge both the courage and fear it takes to share ourselves with another person, and I am always honoured to walk alongside my brave clients in this journey. By creating a safe environment and using compassion, curiosity, and a little bit of trust in the process, we can work together to explore and integrate new ways of looking at and engaging with the world as we journey through your highs and lows together. We all hold unique experiences that deserve to be honoured and all deserve a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Individuals (Children, Teens, Adults)

Prior Experience

I completed my master’s degree at City University of Seattle and wrote my capstone on attachment, trauma, and education system supports. I did my internships all around children and families, including:

1) Private practice psychologist working with many children and families and involvement with CFS and adoption

2) CASA helping with preschool aged children and helped run a trauma and attachment group

3) School system as a school counsellor

I have also worked with PCN where I did partnered with doctors offices and was referred many clients in the community, primarily around anxiety and depression. I also worked in a women’s clinic, and I worked many years with children and families with autism. I also worked for many years with adults with brain injury, and I am a certified brain injury specialist.


I enjoy working with mood disorders, ADHD, ADD post/prenatal, and emotional regulation working with children/adolescents/teens adults. My primary approached include ACT, Attachment Theory, CBT, Emotion Focused, Mindfulness, and Play Therapy.


Fun Facts About Alex

I love the ocean and travelling to be near the ocean. Some of my favourite places I have travelled to so far are Thailand and Costa Rica. I would travel the whole world If I could.

I love anything creative as an outlet and enjoy making arts and crafts and trying new things around this (which often leaves big messes that I spend just as much time cleaning up ). My latest hobby is photography, so if you have any tips, send them my way

I love any type of holiday and decorating and making it special for everyone around me. If you come anytime around these times, expect me to be in Christmas gear, handing out valentines, or turning my office into a potion shop.

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