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Anxiety and Depression Counselling

It’s been said that living with anxiety and depression is like traveling with a monster constantly following you. It saps your energy, draining you as you try to go about your life. Because of this you walk on leaden feet in a grey world. The monster never lets you relax. It causes you to constantly worry that you’re not doing your best, that you’re failing others, that there’s more you should be doing. The more you focus on these thoughts, the stronger the monster seems to grow. Being stalked by anxiety and depression means living each day with fear and pain.

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Consequences of Anxiety & Depression

  1. Trouble Sleeping – Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep is a common symptom associated with both anxiety and depression, where the person can’t seem to relax at bedtime. The mind simply won’t shut down and allow them to rest.
  2. Being Hostile or Irritable – Individuals with depression and anxiety may become cranky and react with harsh words or actions, more so than the situation would normally warrant.
  3. Trouble Concentrating – Unwanted and intrusive thoughts may slow down a person’s thinking, so much so that focusing on any one thing becomes difficult.
  4. Indecision – Related to the challenge of concentration for people with anxiety and depression is the challenge of making up their minds. With so many cares and concerns on their mind, each decision becomes a major battle.
  5. Sexual Dysfunction – Self-consciousness can block the natural affection a person normally shares with their partner. This loss of desire or concerns about performance can exacerbate a person’s anxiety and depression.

Recognizing the Connection

If you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, there is hope. Your life doesn’t have to be put on hold. Because anxiety and depression are similar, they can often be treated together. Counselling for these conditions, like the counselling offered by Family Life Psychology & Wellness, sessions are typically customized specifically for the individual so that the counselling can be the most effective. Treatment often involves addressing the issues that caused the problem.

Family Life Psychology & Wellness Counsellors are Here

You don’t have to feel isolated or alone. Family Life Psychology & Wellness has counsellors with the experience and education to help. This includes working with seasoned professionals, individuals who have successfully helped others push through their depression and anxiety to a happier life.

The Family Life Psychology & Wellness counsellors understand that facing anxiety and depression is challenging. They know how hard it can be to overcome these disorders. But they want you to succeed and will help develop a plan for you. Your counsellors are there to support you.

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You don’t have to live your life saddled with anxiety and depression. Though it may be hard, reaching out to a professional counsellor. Family Life Psychology & Wellness can be just the change you need. And once you start, you can focus on your future.

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