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Spiritual Direction

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental health issues, but feel like traditional therapy doesn’t meet your needs? As you search for answers and relief, do you deeply crave spiritual growth?

Regardless of your particular situation, you may feel stuck, directionless, or overwhelmed by uncertainty. If this is the case, you’re likely ready to embark on a more fulfilling path.

To some, spirituality is understood as a river, flowing formless and free, through all of the relationships and experiences in our lives.

Spirituality places ‘relationship’ at the heart of human existence and understanding. Relationship with self, other people, creation, ancestors, saints, Higher Power, Mystery, the Divine, Spirit, or the many names for God.

For people who embrace spirituality as an integral part of being human, counselling can be a safe place to share this part of your story, as well.

Theta Spiritual Healing Treatment

Many People Feel Disconnected And Unfulfilled

If you are questioning yourself and your purpose in life, you are not alone. Whether you ascribe to one particular faith tradition or none at all, know that all humans are spiritual beings with an innate desire for meaning. We all do better when we are connected to a higher purpose.

Despite this shared human need, Western culture is highly focused on doing rather than being. This makes finding supportive spiritual communities and internal spiritual balance difficult. Like so many others, you might speed through your days, pained by the knowledge that you’re straying from what you value and believe—if you know what that is at all.

To make matters more complicated, our culture’s emphasis on individual success often leads people to believe that despair, stress, and dissatisfaction are their fault, rather than the results of cultural norms and lifestyles that don’t align with a basic biological need for deep connection and interdependence.

Thankfully, you don’t have to ascribe to this shame-based, disempowering way of thinking. The pain and confusion you are feeling does not come from something broken within you. Rather, they are symptoms of a much larger societal issue that neglects the importance of soul and spirit. You are not the problem, and, although you may be called to make changes in your life, your core self doesn’t need to be fixed.

By Exploring Spirituality With a Counsellor You Can:

If spirituality is important to you, you may wish to bring this part of yourself to the counselling process. You have a right for this part of you to be treated with the same respect, openness, gentle curiosity and non-judgment as every other part of you (including your culture, race, sexual orientation and body type).

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