Dr. Sandy Lai
Registered Psychologist

I am excited to join the Family Life Psychology & Wellness assessment team! I have been completing psychoeducational assessments for over 10 years, both in schools and in private practice, and with individuals of all ages. I love using standardized assessment tools to learn more about each individual’s learning and emotional/behavioural profile, and getting to know each client in our assessment sessions. I believe in making evidence-based recommendations to support each individual’s learning needs, but I am also focused on practical strategies to make everyday life a little easier.

Psychological Assessment


Fun Facts About Dr. Sandy

I have two red-eared slider turtles named Tempura and Wasabi. Tempura is a bottomless pit who tries to eat everything in her sight. Wasabi has been unofficially diagnosed with ADHD, as we have to feed him one pellet at a time or else he loses focus.

I love to read. My childhood (and maybe ongoing) dream is to have a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast.

My favourite chip is Ketchup Doritos, and I’m devastated that they are now discontinued.

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