Raina Beugelink
Registered Dietitian

I am passionate about helping people simplify their nutrition goals and create lasting change. Restoring our relationship with food is one of the most powerful things we can do in regards to our diet.  I love working with my clients to view food as a positive part of our life, not as something to be feared or controlled.  Being a shift working family, I am especially passionate about helping shift workers and their families increase their energy and improve their health through practical-evidence based strategies.

Individuals (Adults, Teens, Family Support)


Working as a private practice dietitian for almost 10 years, I have found it to be more effective to focus on adding in more nourishing options into the diet, not restricting what we believe is bad food.  The focus is always on achieving all your health outcomes, not just the number on the scale. We set small, sustainable goals every session to build confidence and consistently see progress. Balance and real life goals are incredibly important to me, as I believe consistency will always pay off more than perfection. 


  • Emotional Brain Training (EBT)


Fun Facts About Raina

I can play the bass guitar.

My least favourite vegetable is celery.

I recently learned to bake bread!

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