Dr. Janet Lourens
Registered Psychologist (currently on maternity leave)

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – Carl G. Jung. Sometimes in the midst of struggles, we can lose hold of ourselves. I welcome the opportunity to walk with you in your struggles as you become increasingly grounded and confident in your authentic self.

Additionally, my masters and doctoral research focused on perfectionism – if you feel a pressure to be or seem perfect and this adds another layer to your struggles, let’s navigate this together.

Young couple having marriage counselling

Individuals (Adults, Teens) or Couples


I take an integrative approach to psychotherapy. My first priority is in building a safe and trusting relationship with you, and getting to know you; from there, I incorporate strategies from different theories to best adapt therapy to you.


Fun Facts About Dr. Janet

I have and love my cat.

I enjoy downhill skiing.

I have lived in 4 Canadian provinces.

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